Get domain and tld ?

Dallman Ross dman at
Mon Jan 26 01:13:43 CET 2009

Professional Software Engineering wrote Monday, January 26, 2009 0:26:

> At 23:58 2009-01-25 +0100, Dallman Ross wrote:
> >I want to say "sure," but frankly I have no idea what
> >"the cli" is.  ("Computer Luser Interface"?)  But I'll say "sure"
> >anyway, what the hell.
> Command Line Interface.  AKA, shell.  As differentiated from 
> point-n-click in a GUI, or pulldown menus.
> The special concept of a CLI is perhaps a bit odd to people 
> already used to using a shell interface.

Yeah.  A while after I sent the email it dawned on me that's what
he must have meant.  I would have gotten it if he'd capitalized
the abbreviation.  I was misled for a while thinking maybe it
was some new mega-K[][]|_ way to say "client," and I even
started to ask out loud if the word "client" was too long
for him written out. :-)  The word didn't quite fit, so
I figured it was something else.

> >(Anyway, "bailout" is a noun;
> These days, it's a profanity <g>



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