Get domain and tld ?

LuKreme kremels at
Mon Jan 26 01:05:45 CET 2009

On 25-Jan-2009, at 15:58, Dallman Ross wrote:
> LuKreme wrote Sunday, January 25, 2009 22:24:
>> On 25-Jan-2009, at 11:21, Dallman Ross wrote:
>>> FQDN    = $1           # for testing on the command line
>> Couldn't you stack this so that the rc file is usable from the
>> cli and from being called by another rcfile?
> I want to say "sure," but frankly I have no idea what
> "the cli" is.  ("Computer Luser Interface"?)  But I'll say "sure"
> anyway, what the hell.

Commnd line interface.  Bash, sh, tcsh, etc. It's a back formation to  
distinguish from a GUI.

>> # Check if FQDN was set
>> :0
>> * FQDN ?? ^^^^
>> {
>>   #not set, check for ARG, if it's not set, bailout
>>   FQDN = $1
>>   :0
>>   * FQDN ?? ^^^^
>>   {
>>     HOST
>>   }
>> }
>> This way, if you SWTICHRC it works, and if you run it from
>> the cli it works...
> Well, whatever, but I don't see why you want to run the "test-for-
> empty" condition twice.  It seems like a needless complexity to me.

Because you set (or tried to set) FQDN to $1 in the meantime.

> Also, simply unsetting SWITCHRC will end the rcfile.  If there are
> no parent rcfiles to return to, then procmail will end and the
> mail will be delivered to $DEFAULT.  That probably isn't what you
> want to achieve with the above sample code.

But if you are running this from the command-line, SWITCHRC will not  
end processing, so you still need HOST.

> I still need to know what "the cli" is.  But your understanding
> of how SWITCHRC works is flawed.  The current file will not continue
> if SWITCHRC is simply unset.  See "man procmailrc".

I did:
                    Names  an  rcfile  (relative  to  the current  
directory) to
                    which processing will be switched.   If  the   
named  rcfile
                    doesn't  exist or is not a normal file or /dev/ 
null then an
                    error will be logged ***and processing will   
continue  in  the
                    current  rcfile.***

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