Get domain and tld ?

Xavier Maillard xma at
Sun Jan 25 20:57:51 CET 2009

Dallman Ross <dman at> writes:

> Let's refine the procmail syntax given yesterday in light
> of the wishes described above.

You are a brillant procmail guru !

>  * FQDN ?? ^^()^^

Can you explain this rule to me ? What does this mean exactly ?

> [snip]

> It works fine.  My only question is if the TLD var should be
> programmed to show "" as I have done here, or just left
> as "uk" (per yesterday's code sample).

Currently, I have no opinion about that. Maybe I should stick
with "" if it qualifies as a TLD.

> The recipe syntax the OP would be interested in is the part of
> the above starting with the comment "find last domain subpart"
> and ending with the log entries.

Thank you for, once again, a brillant example. Maybe you should
add this to a FAQ ?



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