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Patrick Shanahan ptilopteri at
Sat Jan 24 16:57:03 CET 2009

* Dallman Ross <dman at> [01-24-09 10:38]:
> Nancy's point in her FAQ was simply that there is a completely
> separate animal, the Maildir+ message-storing format, and that
> it is not to be confused with the meaning of MAILDIR, the "magic"
> variable that also performs a chdir operation, in procmail.

Yes, I understand this, but your explanation of presenting and
assiged value to MAILDIR constitutes a chgdir and the value of
$MAILDIR is the same as $PWD clears the mud  :^).  I had never
considered procmail as working "in a particular" directory other than
those specified in the rc via vars and recipie assignments.

Considering this I can understand how my presentation/usage of
$MAILDIR could cause others misunderstanding and/or grief.

thankyou for the education  :^)

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