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> Hi, Patrick,
> Well, this approach is a little unusual, for the following
> reason: MAILDIR, in addition to being a "magic" invocation
> in procmail to chdir, also represents by the current working
> directory.  So there is no difference between the folder
> and the folder
Well, please pardon me for being a bit dense here but reading your
explanation and that offered in the Quick Start,
leaves me somewhat confused (remember the advancing age).

Mrs. McGough offers:

MAILDIR variable  and  maildir format  (which are two completely
different beasts!)
    Unfortunately, the word “maildir” is used in (at least) two
    different ways in the Procmail world. MAILDIR (in all caps) is a
    Procmail variable that changes Procmail's current working
    directory and is used to point to the directory where your
    personal (non-system-spool) mailboxes are stored. For more
    information about Procmail's MAILDIR variable, see the blinking
    IMPORTANT note in Step 4 below. Maildir (not in all caps) is the
    name of a mailbox format. For more information about the maildir
    mailbox format, see Using maildir format, the maildir man page,
    and the section below about delivering to a mailbox that is in
    maildir format. 

and "Step 4 below"

    Make sure you replace MAILDIR=$HOME/Msgs with the directory where
    your personal (non-system-spool) mailboxes are stored and that
    this directory exists and is writable by your LOGNAME. The MAILDIR
    variable specifies Procmail's working directory and all relative
    paths are relative to this directory. 

Are you saying that $MAILDIR should not be used or that the value of
$MAILDIR tells procmail to use that value as it's working directory
and that makes the delivery directory relivant to the cwd making
$MAILDIR superfluous?

Or does $MAILDIR (in this case) make it easier for me to read my own
recipies :^)?

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