formail header concatenation

Per Jessen per at
Wed Jan 21 17:10:15 CET 2009

LuKreme wrote:

> The tabs are in there simply to aid in reading the folded header, and
> are NOT part of the header.  They are also completely unpredictable in
> where the might occur in a line. Since the tabs are not part of the
> header, it is improper to preserve them when folding the header back
> to a single line.

The leading tab and/or whitespace is in fact part of the header, and I
think it should be left when formail concatenates or unfolds the header
RFC2822 says quite clearly: 

The process of moving from this folded multiple-line representation
of a header field to its single line representation is called
"unfolding". Unfolding is accomplished by simply removing any CRLF
that is immediately followed by WSP.  Each header field should be
treated in its unfolded form for further syntactic and semantic

/Per Jessen

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