Passing mail delivery onto /usr/bin/deliverquota with arguments defined by procmail

Charles Gregory cgregory at
Wed Jan 14 18:03:38 CET 2009

On Wed, 14 Jan 2009, Marcus Sykes wrote:
> And my rc file is currently:
> MAILDIR=/var/qmail/mailnames/$1/$2/Maildir

Try echoing "$1" and "$2" to your logfile, to see if they really
are what you think they are.... Or hardcode the MAILDIR to test....
Or use $USER......

and if none of that works, post your logfile here....


> #Spam handler
> :0
> * ^X-Spam-Status: Yes.*
> | /usr/bin/deliverquota "$SPAMDIR"
> #All other mail
> :0 E
> | /usr/bin/deliverquota "$MAILDIR"
> As you can see, I run it through deliverquota. This works (spam is filtered
> correctly and mail is delivered) until I go over the quota. Usually, the
> message would be bounced back saying the the mailbox has exceeded it's
> limit, but now I get nothing, no mail in my inbox or bounce to the sender.
> The message does reach the logs, and is archived by my archiver, but seems
> to go no further (it's not in the mailbox at least). Any help?
> It seems to me as if procmail ignores deliverquota and delivers. Ideally,
> what I want to do is literally just "pass the buck" onto deliverquota and
> let it do it's thing, as if it was on the .qmail file, but instead of
> "./Maildir", it may have a different value for spam.
> Sorry for the long explanation, any help would be appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Marcus

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