I do not see where the error is... :-/

Holger Wahlen H.Wahlen at gmx.de
Tue Jan 6 00:46:29 CET 2009

* Michelle Konzack wrote:
> The question is, WHY does it not match?
> TDTP_LIST_IDS="(listmaster|owner|bounces|request)@(lists.|)tamay-dogan.net"
> :0
> * $ ^TO_(${TDTP_LIST_IDS})
> and the E-Mail is:
> To: de.comp.os.xxxxxxxxxx.hardware-owner at lists.tamay-dogan.net

Because you're trying to match just *part* of the address, but "^TO_" is
supposed to deal with an entire address:

| If the regular expression contains `^TO_' it will be substituted by
| `(^((Original-)?(Resent-)?(To|Cc|Bcc)|(X-Envelope|Apparently(-Resent)?)-To):(.*[^-a-zA-Z0-9_.])?)',
| which should catch all destination specifications containing a specific address.

Your approach would work if the mail had

  To: owner at lists.tamay-dogan.net


  To: list owner <owner at lists.tamay-dogan.net>

But it has "...hardware-owner at ..." instead, so the regexp doesn't match
(because of the "[^-a-zA-Z0-9_.]").


Holger Wahlen, Cologne, Germany

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