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At 13:50 2007-11-30 +0200, Tolga wrote:

Hi.  Considering this is the procmail discussion list, perhaps you could 
set the subject line to something meaningful?

>I have Postfix 2.4.3 and procmail 2.0.22 installed.

Really?  Perhaps you mean procmail 3.22 ?

>I use procmail to
>sort out mail to designated folders and I invoke it via mailbox_command = 
>/usr/bin/procmail. I have to click on folder names in Thunderbird to be 
>able to see mails. Is there a way for mails to show up so I don't have to 
>click on folder names manually? I hope I made myself clear.

Er, sounds like you have a thunderbird use issue.  If postfix is receiving 
the messages and invoking procmail, then IT isn't part of your issue, and 
if procmail is filtering and storing the messages into the appropriate 
mailboxes, then it isn't malfunctioning.  There _may_ be some program that 
is not part of the procmail package which you can invoke from procmail to 
"tickle" your MUA, but frankly, I know of no MUAs that automatically open 
up mailboxes other than your system mailbox.

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