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At 16:05 2007-11-28 +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:

>Signature which produce FalseNegative
>which mean, my recipe get a FalseNegative which I do not like...
>HOW can I exclude the signature from the test?

Pipe your message through a sed rule which removes the footer? Even THAT 
will have its issues though, since someone with a line in a quote section 
will trip it.

Some time ago, David W. Tamkin posted a rule which dealt with footers in 
some fashion.  I borrowed some concepts for a majordomo frontend, where I 
tried implementing it to remove freemail footers (which is a ruleset which 
I'm not presently using through).  From my notes:

# The logic is like this: we take the number of lines in the body,
# subtract the number of lines in the footer, subtract one more if the
# footer has a divider above it (alternatively we could include the
# divider in the definition of the search string), and cut the body off
# after that many lines by running it through head or, if your system
# doesn't have head, through sed.  Be careful not to change the action
# line to include any characters from $SHELLMETAS, because then you'll
# lose the use of $=.  (If you must, save $= in a regular variable first
# and then use the regular variable.)

The recipe basically consists of a bunch of freemail-specific footers.  It 
was quite effective, but every time a freemail service changed their 
footers, the filter required updating.

A discussion list however would more likely have a fairly static footer.

You could count lines, then subtract the number of lines for a given list 
footer.  Should be doable entirely within the confines of scoring.

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