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Dallman Ross dman at nomotek.com
Wed Nov 21 19:27:18 CET 2007

yangf0704 wrote Wednesday, November 21, 2007 3:52 PM:
> BTW, I read some docs and try to wrote a rc file, it just 
> used to judge if the sender already received a autoreply 
> once, not include the date judge.But it doesn't work. Could 
> you help me fix it? Thanks.
> SHELL=/bin/sh
> :0 Whc: vacation.lock
> * $^To:.*\<$\LOGNAME\>
> * !^X-Loop: fyang at test.com
> | formail -rD 8192 vacation.cache
> :0 ehc
> | (formail -r -I"Precedence: junk" -A"X-Loop: fyang at test.com 
> "; cat /var/spool/home/test.com /fyang~test.com /mail/.reply 
> ) | $SENDMAIL -F "fyang" -f fyang at test.com -t

Well, offhand it looks fairly okay to me.  You might want
to quote the dot in your X-Loop address.
I hope your line continuations were not as quote above 
on the final action, though.  What about it didn't work?
That is not a very specific bug report.  What do your verbose
logs say?


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