How to include an on the fly autogenerated file in procmailrc

Dallman Ross dman at
Sun Nov 11 12:54:38 CET 2007

On Sun, Nov 11, 2007 at 12:31:26PM +0100, Ruud H.G. van Tol wrote:

> Stefano Sabatini schreef:
> > I would like to define a script which reads from a file the
> > list of the subscribed mailing lists, then automatically
> > generates the corresponding boiler plate snippet for
> > procmailrc [. . . .]

> CMIIAW, but it seems to me that your current problem is that you
> have chosen a wrong way to solve your original problem. Let's
> go back to (what I see as) your original problem: how to
> conveniently sort messages per mailing list.
> That problem has been solved many times before, often by using a
> single general list recipe.
> A key element in many of those solutions is a (pure procmail)
> substitution list.  In the recipe you capture an identifying
> string from the message, and substitute that with the list's
> folder name.  New subscriptions will just use the identifying
> string as the folder name, because most of the times there is no
> need to substitute.

Yes, and while the script looks interesting, I agree that it
is likely to be an overkill approach for the goal.  I didn't
study it closely enough to pass absolute judgment either, but
I can say that I manage about 8 mailing lists purely in procmail
via a set of INCLUDERCs designed just for that purpose, and it
works very well, and includes mechanisms for members to subscribe
and unsubscribe or even list other members on their own.
There are no shell scripts involved, and the "heaviest" very
few shell calls run ls, touch, chmod, or echo alone.  The lists
themselves are kept via a hash of zero-length filenames.


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