Formail: what is the +skip option for and why?

Steve A procmail at
Sat Sep 30 06:44:09 CEST 2006

David W. Tamkin wrote:
> Seee the formail(1) man page.  With -s, +# means to skip the first # 
> split-out messages and omit them from the output.

I saw the option in the man page, but I don't know what a 'split-out' 
message is... until I read below.

> 1. What formail sees as the first split-out message in the file is 
> something that doesn't have a From_ postmark (though wouldn't the 
> absence of -f add one?), or

The From_ postmark being the envelope information?  So Formail can cope 
with that information not being there and still be able to distinguish 
message boundaries?

> 2. a 127th message was added to the file between the two attempts.

It's possible, but I did the commands in quick succession - perhaps not 
quick enough?

>  formail -1s < $HOME/mail/junk

 From MAILER-DAEMON  Sat Sep 30 02:39:24 2006
Return-Path: <>
X-Original-To: bezelantisemitism at
Delivered-To: sda at

So, if I understand correctly, for the purpose of simply counting the 
number of messages in a particular folder, I don't need the split-out 

Thank you,
Steve :)

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