question on a procmailsc example

Google Kreme gkreme at
Thu Sep 14 18:07:31 CEST 2006

On 14 Sep 2006, at 08:50 , Zhiliang Hu wrote:
> I have difficulties to understand this description in the  
> 'procmailsc' man
> page (please correct me if it's my English problem ;-):
>> .......... check if the ratio of quoted lines to original lines is
>> at most 1:2.  If it exceeds that, ditch the mail.  Everything that
>> survived the previous test, is filed.
>>           :0 Bh
>>           *  20^1 ^>

Score 20 points for each line that has a > at the start of the line

>>           * -10^1 ^[^>]

Score -10 points for each line that does NOT have a > at the start of  
the line.

>>           /dev/null
> First of all, does the example appear to have a "quoted lines to  
> original
> lines" ratio of 2:1?  Secondly, It appears to me is that the example
> represents is not a pure "ratio" in generic sense but its "20 lines
> quoted" vs "10 lines new text"

No, it's not 20 lines or 10 lines.  And keep in mind, this includes  
the headers which are by necessity not quoted, to you already have a  
unquoted count of 10-20 (or more) lines.  Basically, this recipe will  
toss mail with AOL-styled 800 lines of quoting and "Me Too!" attached  
at the end.

"Last night - you were unhinged. You were like some desperate,  
howling demon. You frightened me. - Do it again!"

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