stuff getting through my spam filter

Alan Clifford lists at
Wed Sep 6 21:47:45 CEST 2006

On Wed, 6 Sep 2006, Luke Vanderfluit wrote:

LV> Hi All.
LV> I'm sure some of you have probably been hit by this.
LV> I have a spam filter (popfile) that tags spam with 'Subject: [Spam]'
LV> Recently some clever hackers have sent me emails that procmail puts in 
LV> my Inbox despite them having that header.

Don't ascribe magical powers to senders of junk.  What is the procmail 
recipe that you think should be picking up that header?  Why isn't it 
working?  Show it to us, together with a copy of the header as procmail 
sees it.

Ironically, you message was filtered as spam by one of my old recipes - 
too high a proportion of ampersands in the message body.  Spam Assassin 
did far better and gave your message a negative score.


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