Creating a "Don't Kill" file...

Collin Park collin at
Wed Jan 10 18:11:43 CET 2001

> #----Likely to be Spam!---
> :0: $PMDIR/spam.lock
> * !^TObyte-sized
> * ! ?grep -s `formail -x 'From '` notspam.txt
> ! my_spam at

I have a much less elegant solution, but it seems to work for me.
Sean's is probably better, but here's mine anyway:

    :0 hWc: list.known.good.swp
    | formail -rtzxto: | grep -if list.known.good > /dev/null


This says that if sender is in the whitelist, let the mail in.  I
spam-file or toss stuff later on in the rc file.  My list.known.good
file has entries in the form

    username at isp\.net

I don't put '$' at the end although I probably should; escaping the '.' 
characters is close enough for me, at least for the time being.  Also,
someone (Philip I think) suggested that I remove 't' from the formail

well, it's a starting point anyway...
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