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Advance Design FAQ

GRAITEC Advantage - FAQ
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How is GRAITEC Revit Link installed?
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GRAITEC Revit Link is a plug-in that can be installed in the Autodesk
Revit Structure 2009, 2010, 2011 or Architecture 2009, 2010, 2011

To install the latest version of the GRAITEC Revit Link access the
http://www.graitec.com/En/revit.asp site. 

Complete the FREE DOWNLOAD fields, and then click the DOWNLOAD button. 
You will receive an e-mail from info at graitec.com. This e-mail contains
many links from where you can download GRAITEC Revit Link version
according with your Autodesk Revit Structure or Architecture version
that is installed on your computer. 
Access the appropriate link and download the plug-in. Next, install the
executable file. 
Run the Revit application. The Add-Ins tab from the menu bar indicates
that the plug-in is installed. 

 How is GRAITEC Revit Link

With the GRAITEC Revit link plug-in you can export models to other
software and import models from other software. 
The Standard version allows you to import and export the GTC files.
These files can be imported in GRAITEC software or exported from
GRAITEC software (Advance Steel <http://www.graitec.com/En/as.asp> ,
Advance Concrete <http://www.graitec.com/En/ac.asp>  and Advance Design
<http://www.graitec.com/En/ad.asp> ). The Professional version allows
importing and exporting the following file types: STA, SDNF - Version
2.0, SDNF - Version 3.0, CIS2, IFC, and PSS. 

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