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S.B. ffre at optimmo42.com
Tue Jan 8 18:57:57 CET 2008

Privet, dear!

My bed is cold at night and it's so unbearable  when dark windows meet you at silent home. Loneliness is my enemy, and I try to kill it into myself, but my attempts are foolish. It is fool because it is impossible to forget about loneliness if you read an interesting book, watch an interesting movie or do something else.
It is fool, because you don't have friend, beloved with whom you can share this life's moments.
I am here, because I want to put a full stop into my empty and lonely life.
I am looking for love, because I feel that I can die any moment without it.
I met you here and it was like a flash in the dark night.
It was the first light into my heart and I decided not to waste time and to write you this letter.
I hope that you will appreciate my attempts to get acquainted with you and will reply me.
I will wait for you here http://russiabrideonline.info/?idAff=182

Waiting for your response

Juliya P

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